We Happy Few
By Imogen Stubbs

Based on fact, this is the story of a "girls-only" theatre company during World War II. Touring the length and breadth of Britain, they bring the plays of Shakespeare, among others, to a culture-starved country. While the men are fighting Hitler and the bombs are blitzing London, these hopelessly mis-matched women embark on a crazy adventure, crammed into their battered Rolls Royce. Together and seperatly they are forced to discover what life is like without men, and, eventually, how they must survive when they only have each other.

We Happy Few is an uplifting, touching and often hilarious story of overcoming adversity with dogged determination - and a passion for theatre. This is the first play from the well-known actress Imogen Stubbs.

  • Occasional smoking and moderate bad language.
  • Not suitable for children under 10 years.
Venue: Plaza Theatre
Tue 17th May 2011  19:30  £7.00
Wed 18th May 2011-Sat 21st May 2011  19:30  £9.00