Dead Certain
By Marcus Lloyd

Out-of-work actor Michael jumps at the offer of a large fee to visit theatre-obsessed Elizabeth and act out the play she has written. The evening starts out straightforwardly, but when they begin to read Elizabeth's script, Michael is startled to find disturbing similarities to his real life.

Plying him with drink, Elizabeth causes Michael to doubt the reliability of his memory and even his own sanity. The suspense builds towards a gripping and shocking climax when truth and illusion become entangled in a real-life game of cat and mouse.

  • Not suitable for children under 16 years.

Tickets available from Romsey Tourist Information Centre 01794 512987

Venue: Plaza Main Stage
Tue 13th Sep 2011  19:30  £7.00
Wed 14th Sep 2011-Sat 17th Sep 2011  19:30  £9.00