My Boy Jack
By David Haig

A powerful and moving account, of how, at 18 years old, John (Jack) Kipling served his country in the First World War and made the ultimate sacrifice. We learn how Jack's father, the eminent writer Rudyard Kipling, presses him to enlist because it is his patriotic duty, despite the fact that Jack is severely short-sighted and unfit for Army service. Rudyard's patriotism seems at odds with the love he has for his son and family and creates the catalyst for much anguish and divided loyalties. This moving drama is presented during Armistice week and, appropriately, the audience will experience a critical moment with Jack and his platoon at Passchendale before the order comes to 'go over the top'.

  • Not suitable for children under 12 years (contains coarse army language, smoking and sounds of war).

Tickets available from Romsey Tourist Information Centre 01794 512987

Venue: Plaza Main Stage
Tue 8th Nov 2011  19:30  £7.00
Wed 9th Nov 2011-Sat 12th Nov 2011  19:30  £9.00