All My Sons
By Arthur Miller

A RAODS Production

One of the greatest classics of the American stage.

The Keller family have emerged from World War Two prosperous but scarred by the loss of 
their pilot son, Larry, missing in action. Kate, his mother, still believes he is alive after nearly four years but the rest of the family want to move on. Father Joe has survived a scandal over providing faulty aircraft parts that led to 21 pilot deaths. Steve Deever, Joe’s business partner, was found guilty and jailed but many still suspect his involvement in the negligence. When Ann Deever, Larry’s former fiancée and Steve’s daughter, comes to visit, the shadows of the past and its dark secret threaten to destroy their future happiness.

A gripping family drama and a searching critique of the American dream.

Not suitable for under 12's

Venue: Main Stage
Online booking available:
Tue 15th Mar 2016-Sat 19th Mar 2016  19:30  £12.00