By John Godber

A RAODS Youth Production

A ‘class’ production! 

Fast-moving, inventive and highly entertaining, Teechers is John Godber’s brilliant take on 
life at a modern Comprehensive. Through their hilarious end-of-term play, three Year 11s – 
Gail, Hobby and Salty - exuberantly sketch the new drama teacher’s progress through two 
terms of unruly classes, cynical colleagues and obstructive caretakers. Will Mr Nixon 
abandon his students for a green and pleasant private school? Who puts the bounce in Miss 
Prime, the PE teacher? Will Mrs Parry ever find her Koko? And why does everyone smell of 
spring onions? 

Teechers is a modern classic with something vital to say about education for the ‘haves’ and 
‘have nots’.

Venue: Green Room
Online booking available: www.ticketsource.co.uk/plazatheatre
Tue 12th Jul 2016-Sat 16th Jul 2016  19:30  £10.00