By Jim Cartwright

A RAODS Production

A night at the pumps

Taking place over the course of one evening in a typical Northern pub, the pub Landlord and 
Landlady banter and bicker their way through what at first seems like a typical night at the 
pumps. It's the kind of pub where everybody knows your name, and even if they're not really glad you came you'll still be greeted like an old friend. As the evening progresses, we meet fourteen diverse characters played by just two actors, as various members of the local 
community pull up a stool and let us into their lives.  Two waltzes the audience through a 
spectrum of human emotion, weaving a rich tapestry of life in a working class town through 
intimate insights into the lives of the colourful pub regulars. 

There is nothing stronger in a pub than the human spirit and each spirit represented in this 
play delivers a kick.

Venue: Green Room
Online booking available:
Mon 28th Nov 2016-Sat 3rd Dec 2016  19:30  £11.00