Blue Remembered Hills
By Dennis Potter

On an idyllic summer’s day in 1943, a group of seven-year-olds play in the West Country hills. The children (all played by adults) play games, fight, fantasize, tease and indulge in horseplay. Sometimes their actions echo the distant war, at other times their aggressions, fears, hostilities and rivalries are a microcosm of adult interaction. Easy-going Willie tags along as burly Peter swaggers and blusters. Plain Audrey is overshadowed by Angela’s prettiness and changes alliances to gain advantage. All of them tease Donald Duck – their innocence is put to the test.


Not suitable for young children.

Venue: Open Air in the grounds of Romsey Abbey
Tue 20th Jul 2010-Fri 23rd Jul 2010  19:30  £10.00