Mary Shelley
By Helen Edmundson

A RAODS Production

Frankenstein is one of the most famous horror stories. But what is the story of the woman who wrote it?

If Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice are stories that you have enjoyed - then do come along to see Mary Shelley at the new HUGE bargain price of £9. This is a costumed, period drama (not a horror story) - with the added bonus that it is a true story involving real people. And you get to find out who the character Dr Frankenstein was based on!

Mary Shelley - the daughter of the first feminist, and a political philosopher - is destined to become a free-thinker and terrific creative force in the male-dominated society of the 1800's. The play centres on 16-year-old Mary as she meets charismatic poet Shelley – and from there covers two momentous years in Mary’s early life. It follows her tempestuous relationships with her father and step-sisters, and her experiences in a war-ravaged Europe. Above all, this is a love story, and an account of the the creation of the darkest literary character of all time. Do not miss this unique production! 

Ages 10+
Adult themes



Venue: Main Stage
Online booking available:
Tue 24th Sep 2019-Sat 28th Sep 2019  19:30  £9.00