By Anthony Horowitz

When a journalist visits an asylum hoping to interview a notorious serial killer, he has no idea what he’s walking into. Why is the Head of the Asylum acting suspiciously and why is the nurse so scared? Finding the answers to these questions and many more takes us on a journey of shocks, terror and even laughter!
A classic psychological thriller from the series writer of Midsommer Murders, Poirot and Murder in Mind, this play will keep you guessing not just until the end, but minute to minute!
Surprises lurk behind every corner (literally) and nothing is as it appears. Can you trust your own eyes? Can you spot the clues? Can you solve the Mindgame?


Not suitable for children under 15: contains scenes of violence, strong language and smoking on stage.

Venue: Plaza
Tue 21st Sep 2010  19:30  £7.00
Wed 22nd Sep 2010-Sat 25th Sep 2010  19:30  £9.00