By Eric Chappell

Imagine...returning from a pleasant anniversary celebration with your oldest friends to find that your house has been burgled. Imagine...the burglar is still in the house and has you convinced, for a while, that he is, in fact, a policeman investigating the break-in. Imagine...once his true identity is known, the burglar reveals that he knows all kinds of uncomfortable truths about you, your spouse and your friends ... Well...that burglar is none other than Spriggs, who succeeds, in Theft, Eric Chappell's witty comedy-thriller, in disturbing two seemingly happy marriages and one formerly strong friendship with subversive observation. Premiered at the Theatre Royal, Windsor, with George Cole as Spriggs, Theft is a tongue-in-cheek delight, packed with stinging one-liners, daring reversals and many sharp comments on marriage, money and crime.

Venue: Plaza
Tue 9th Mar 2004-Sat 13th Mar 2004  00:00  £0.00