The Gondoliers
By Gilbert & Sullivan

Two handsome Venetian gondoliers, Marco and Giuseppe have recently married. Their weddings coincide with the visit to Venice of the Duke of Plaza-Toro, his daughter Casilda and her attendant Luiz. The Duke reveals to his daughter a dark secret. Twenty years ago she was married by proxy to the infant son of the immensely wealthy King of Barataria, who was subsequently killed. It appears either Marco or Giuseppe could be a prince and heir to the throne and therefore must become her husband. It transpires that this highly complex state of affairs can only be resolved by an old nurse, the mother of Luiz, who can identify the real prince. Songs include: We're Called Gonolieri: O Rapture When Alone Together: When a Merry Maiden Marries: Take a Pair of Sparkling Eyes : In a Contemplative Fashion.

Venue: Plaza
Mon 18th Apr 2005-Sat 23rd Apr 2005  19:30  £0.00