Terra Nova
By Ted Tally

The Terra Nova was the name of Captain Robert Falcon Scott's ship on his second expedition to Antarctica in 1910 and the play tells the story of this epic adventure. The play is superbly written by Ted Tally, an American writer whose work includes the screen play for 'Silence of the Lambs'. It contains humour, drama, angst and tenderness. The play opens when Scott is alone in the tent and near death and, through the use of flashbacks and images of what might have been, Tally has re-created the story of Scott's last journey, the complex interactions between the different characters and the trials and tribulations that befell them. The first act covers the journey to the Pole and the discovery that Amundsen had raced them. The second act covers the desperate journey back.

Publicity graphics reproduced by permission of the Scott Polar Research Institute.

Venue: Plaza
Mon 7th Nov 2005-Sat 12th Nov 2005  19:30  £0.00