Les Liaisons Dangereuses
By Christopher Hampton

Christopher Hampton's play is based on the classic novel by Choderlos de Laclos. It is a dark game of rivalry and conquest between two embittered aristocrats in late 18th century France. The play seethes with envy, hatred and revenge. The Vicompte de Valmont, a notorious womaniser, is bent on seducing the married Madame de Tourvel, but still wants to sleep with his former mistress, the unscrupulous and manipulative Marquise de Merteuil. She will let him only if he brings her proof of his successful seduction. When he accomplishes the dishonouring of Tourvel, the vindictive Merteuil goes back on her word and the battle lines are drawn. In the meantime though, Valmont has actually fallen in love with Tourvel, but is forced to betray her by his former mistress who now has other ideas for her own gratification. Others are drawn into this destructive game which can only lead to tragedy for all the players.

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