Snake in the Grass
By Alan Ayckbourn

Miriam has cared for her father in the family home during his disturbed last years with the help of a creepily polite nurse, Alice. On their father's death, Miriam's elder sister, Annabel, comes home after a thirty year absence to find that Daddy has left the bulk of his fortune to her much to the chagrin of Miriam. Nurse Alice complains to Annabel that Miriam has sacked her unfairly and as the story unfolds it seems she is set on blackmailing the sisters, having evidence, she says, that Miriam did away with the old man. The scheming Miriam and life-toughened Annabel join forces against Alice and soon a body is hurtling down a well in the run-down garden of the family home - but all does not end there.

Venue: Plaza
Tue 3rd Oct 2006-Sat 7th Oct 2006  19:30  £0.00