A Day in the Death of Joe Egg
By Peter Nichols

Bri is a teacher married to Sheila. They have a severely disabled daughter they call 'Joe Egg' and cope with the situation in a series of elaborate fantasy games, but ten years of devotion to their daughter has created some cracks in the marriage. Bri suspects Sheila of having an affair and things reach a head when Sheila returns home one evening with fellow actor Freddie and his wife Pam. Although the theme is deeply serious the tone is one of biting, ironic comedy, giving the work enormous theatrical effectiveness and compassion. Laced with fast-paced wit and humour, Peter Nichols’ renowned comedy-drama explores the problems of a married couple coping with a severely disabled child. An inspired, award-winning play from the author’s own experience, 'Joe Egg' will surprise and delight you. Don't miss it.

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Venue: Plaza
Tue 20th Feb 2007-Sat 24th Feb 2007  19:30  £0.00