Relative Values
By Noel Coward

Nigel, Earl of Marshwood, is about to return to his family home with his fiancee, Hollywood star Miranda Frayle. His mother Felicity, Dowager Countess of Marshwood bemused by her son’s seemingly inappropriate choice of bride to be, discovers that her maid Moxie, is in fact Miranda’s sister. Bemusement turns to horror as the social humiliation for Moxie becomes clear, so the Countess and her unflappable butler Cresswell decide to pass Moxie off as an heiress but the plan comes unstuck. Into the ensuing chaos comes Don Lucas, Miranda’s former lover, also a Hollywood star. The Countess sets to work to reunite them and save her son from the proposed marriage. Noel Coward's quintessential English comedy masterpiece with plot, counterplot and battle of wits as the Countess of Marshwood thwarts the marriage plans of her son, Nigel. Aristocratic England in the 50's satirised by Coward at his wonderfully airy, witty best.

Venue: Plaza
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