Sketch of how the Plaza may look in the future


Sketch of how the Plaza may look in the future

All the public areas of the Plaza have now been refurbished (since 2010). The next project is the largest since its conversion to a theatre in 1984. This will take place between May and September 2020:

  • Raise the walls around the stage area, so that the pitched roof can be extended over the stage.
  • Raise the lighting grid.
  • Move the dimmers etc. to the higher level - freeing up some additional wing space.
  • Install lighting bars with powered winches.
  • Upgrade equipment - tower, lighting, sound.

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Ian McKellan

"The Plaza Theatre in Romsey is an astounding building. You don't have to want to be on the stage to get involved... advice is don't miss out on an opportunity to discover Romsey's lovely theatre"

Sir Ian McKellen

"It is a genuine pleasure to accept the role of Honorary Patron of RAODS. Drama groups like RAODS provide a vital foundation for the whole of the industry"

Mark McGann

Mark McGann

Plaza Future

Plaza Future is the name we give to our ongoing - and continuous - efforts to maintain and improve the wonderful art deco building that is our home. The current priority is described in the panel opposite - but as soon as that is finished you can be sure there will be another significant project to take its place. Plaza Future develops our capacity to support a high quality of life for our communities through enhancing our historic 1930s building, and the services we can offer from it. Already 10,000 times a year someone buys a ticket to be entertained and informed by live performance. With building improvements, that figure can go higher. And you can help make that happen! To find out how, just keep reading…… 


Ways To Help

1.       Come and see one of our shows – come and see several of our shows! – and buy some of our merchandise whilst you are at the Plaza.

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6.       Look out for the collecting boxes in the Plaza and around the town.

7.       Sign up to Giving A Bit Banner. You will then be able to create donations for us at NO EXTRA COST TO YOU just by shopping online. This site is partnered with hundreds of your favourite shops - and if you use this site you will also get entered into the monthly prize draw to win a £50 Amazon voucher.

8.       Sponsor a seat in the main auditorium – for the bargain price of £99 your very own brass plaque and dedication will be there for all audiences to see. Email This email address is being protected from spambots.
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for details.

9.   Do, please, consider whether to remember us in your will. All charities depend on the goodwill of the public and, naturally enough, most public monies go to those charities representing life or death causes. But quality of life is important as well – whether for the many local good causes who benefit from our £2.50-a-ticket Invited Audience performances, or our 60+ youth members who have a weekly youth club (as well as several opportunities each year to be on stage), or through the enjoyable hard work of our 250+ adult members who keep the Plaza going, or the 10,000 local people who (at the very least) forget all their day to day worries for 2 or 3 hours, each time they visit the Plaza.

10.   Write in to me – at This email address is being protected from spambots.
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- with your own ideas about how we can raise more money.